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Your Next Austin Paint Job

Austin, Texas is a vibrant real estate market. Investors mill around the city looking to improve properties and make a few dollars. New families move in wanting to renovate and make over old properties.

Through it all, Paint It Austin provides capable, courteous, professional and attentive painting services for property owners. We're happy to be part of this cutting-edge, up-and-coming community, and proud to offer our experience and tools to customers.

Our Professional Approach

What many of our customers love about our service is our practical, professional approach to a painting job.

Simply put, when you call a painter out of the phone book or do a quick Google search, you never know quite what you're going to get. Of course, you want the results to look good in the end – but you also want the job to be done on a specific timeline, and without a lot of back and forth or scheduling hassles.

We are ‘hip’ to these needs, and that's why we come prepared. If you look at some of the testimonials on our site, you'll see how Paint It Austin crews showed up to effectively help property owners to get those key tasks done on a timeline, whether it was for resale or a move-in.

We pride ourselves in doing a painting job quickly, efficiently and with attention to detail – and above all, without a lot of back and forth and unnecessary delays. We know that when you are trying to manage property renovations or makeovers, you're not looking to micromanage everything, because that would take too much time. You need a firm that can come in and do the job independently – and do it well!

Leveraging Technology

We also invest in key technology and resources to help us to provide superior painting services in the Austin, TX area.

One of these is a simple customer service resource that you can see on our website – the digital color wheel helps our customers to brainstorm and plan out color schemes without going to a home improvement store and picking up swatches of paper.

The color wheel has been around for a long time, but too many firms do not utilize this very effective resource.

All you have to do is move the cursor, and you get any point on the range of the full color pallets that's available for paint mixes. Click, choose and save – it's that easy.

We want to make the rest of your painting job easy, too. Our crews are highly trained to knock out interior and exterior painting according to a timeline, without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. Ask Paint It Austin about your next painting job in the Austin, Texas area – our aim is 100% customer satisfaction - we’re excited to show up and help!

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