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Different Kinds of Paint

One kind of paint is just like another, right?

Wrong. As a top Austin painting company, we’ve heard this all before. There are different kinds of paint that get used quite differently in a given project. One thing that we really specialize in is helping our customers to choose the right types of products for any exterior or interior project.

The Joys of Oil-Based and Water-Based Paint

One of the first choices that needs to be made is whether to use an oil-based paint or a water-based paint for a project.

Oil-based paint is the traditional formulation – with newer water-based paints being a lot easier to clean off of brushes and equipment. So in that way, water-based paint is more forgiving – however, oil-based paint can hide brushstrokes better, and is often used for installations that need to stand up to heavy use, such as trim and baseboard.

Using Primer

Some projects need a primer coat or two before paint is applied, and some don't. Using a primer also has to be factored into the cost equation. In addition to the labor that's needed to apply multiple coats of paint, the materials cost can be significant. We’ll evaluate your space and help you to figure out how to get what you need without spending too much unnecessarily.

Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Glossy (Or Semi-Glossy) and Matte

New paints also have different kinds of “sheens” that have different results.

Gloss or semi-gloss has a little shine to it, where flat is just that – flat. Part of your paint choices has to do with exactly how you want interior or exterior installations to look – how you want light to reflect off of your walls or other spaces. We can show you some demos to help you to see what a project is going to look like when it’s finished – so that you’re not just going into it blindly.

These are just some of the basic guidelines on using different kinds of paints for home improvement projects. But they're not set in stone. For example, water-based paints have made big strides, and might be fine for some trim. Some of our customers also like to utilize low-VOC paints in order to introduce fewer toxic or caustic chemicals into an interior space.

If you're confused by all this, don't worry – call Paint It Austin, and we’ll help you to put together the right choices for your home improvement project. We know that quality matters in house painting – you want results that look great without the kinds of spills, spots and patching that you get with an inferior paint job. We love helping Austin area homeowners to get their properties looking great for rental, resale or anything else!

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